Services Overview

Practical Informatics draws on subject matter experts from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, and all are thought leaders in their respective fields. Our advisory services comprise packaged engagements, custom consulting, product and services deployments, along with a variety of other complementary services.

Our cohort staffing model targets the appropriate set of resources to solve your specific challenges; when appropriate, we can offer a packaged advisory offering that requires little to no additional customization.

Our team's experience draws on an average of 10+ years of service at top tier consulting firms, Fortune 1000 firms, and academia, resulting in a unique, multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving.
Clinical Data Assessment

As Healthcare leaders, you rely daily on clinical reports to make critical decisions on case management, quality, compliance, care delivery and much more. Unfortunately, most of these reports are inaccurate and incomplete for reasons that are not readily apparent. These reasons can vary widely from clinical "workarounds," where nurses and doctors find ways to document care that is hidden from your view, to enterprise procurement decisions that result in data displayed in differing locations within the report.


Our consultants are experts in clinical data management, both from a care delivery and IT perspective. This specialized experience allows us to be your skilled "translators" between healthcare teams and IT leadership. We can assess your problematic reports and help you negotiate successful plans that can minimize risk.

Pharmacy Risk Assessment

Proper management of controlled substances is a real challenge in the inpatient hospital environment. While most hospital Pharmacies agree that they have a good tracking plan within their department, there are key risk factors aligned to procurement and disbursement of controlled substances that are often overlooked.


Our experts at Practical Informatics have sophisticated assessment tools that can provide insights into key aspects of controlled substances data risk, including but not limited to:

  • Procurement supplier decisions

  • Pyxis configuration/narcotic discrepancy reports

  • EHR medication administration reports (MARs)

  • Clinical workflow interviews with staff

  • HR implications (e.g. Pyxis access access/activity post termination)

  • DEA reporting process

EHR/IT Strategies

Enterprise wide changes in the digital world can be overwhelming. There are countless decisions to be made and numerous stakeholders to consider. Making the wrong move can be costly on many levels.


Whether you are looking to change commercial EHR vendors or optimize your current platform, Practical Informatics specializes in Cerner, EPIC and Allscripts. Our consultants have experience in large healthcare organizations that are pioneers in digital transformation.


We can provide you with best practice guidelines that will prepare you for:

  • Vendor negotiations

  • Stakeholder alignment

  • Deployment and training

  • Optimization strategies

  • Blockchain readiness/risk assessments

Pain Management Practice

The national opioid abuse crisis calls for new strategies, methodologies, and clinical processes. 


Practical Informatics provides a comprehensive advisory, audit, and process improvement methodology that can help mitigate your regulatory exposure.


Corporate Development
Business Handshake
Governance Risk Compliance (GRC)

The "Big Data" landscape changes with such frequency that it's almost impossible to keep compliant.


Our GRC team can advise you on a variety of compliance best practices, tools, and methodologies to help prepare you for those important audits.

Blockchain Readiness

We can help you explore best use case potential for Blockchain technology in your organization and identify level of readiness for Blockchain implementation based on in depth process and policy reviews.